Top 5 Tips to get the most out of your Wedding Photography

Everybody who has had a professional wedding photographer at their wedding will tell you how excited they were when they first received their photos. Naturally there is an expectation that every single image will be mind blowing. And most of them probably will. But did you know that you can play an essential part in getting so much more out of your wedding photography?

Here are my top 5 tips for brides and grooms to improve their wedding photography:

1) Keep the room you are getting ready in tidy. If your photographer covers the preparations there will be a lot of photos taken in this room. It is here that the br006ide puts on her dress for the first time. There will be family or friends around, anticipation and excitement is in the air. The whole bridal outfit comes together. This is a lot of information to capture for a photographer and you want to provide a decent background for these important photographs.

2) Speak with the priest, vicar or registrar whether there are any photography restrictions. For example is the photographer allowed to move through the room and is flash photography allowed.024

3) I don’t recommend time planning that is too tight. I know you want to make your money go a long way but weddings are full of emotions that you cannot anticipate beforehand and it’s very difficult for a photographer to rush you through the day as it’s often the in-between moments that are loaded with surprises, personal interactions with friends and family or even surprises. Allow enough time for a good wedding reportage. It is the photographs that you will look at in future to remember the day.

4) If you like a confetti shot, it’s best to provide the confetti as most guests won’t think about bringing any. Have you considered dried rose petals? They are sustainable and look beautiful on photographs.

0565) When it comes to the group shots, nominate of the groomsmen or bridesmaids to help round up the people needed. Consider providing a list with names for them. This will really help the taking the formal group shots as it is not the photographs that take long, it is getting the relevant people together!

I hope this helps you in your planning.

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